Walt Disney

Walt was an animator, writer, film producer and creator of the Disney Land and Disney World amusement parks.

An Evening with Walt Disney

Walt's last filmed appearance was his presentation in 1966 of the Follow Me, Boys! family film, produced by Walt Disney Productions. The film featured a 15 year old Kurt Russell in the leading role. This heart-warming film is an adaptation of the 1954 novel 'God and My Country' by MacKinlay Kantor.

A 1963 Interview with Fletcher Markle

Fletcher Markle, a Canadian actor, screenwriter, television producer and director and who had just directed "The Incredible Journey" for Walt Disney Studios, interviews the great Walt Disney himself.

Markle chats to Walt about the early years in the development of animation and sound, from Steam Boat Willie to the first animated feature film Snow White. Disney also talks of journey in the planning and opening of Disneyland.

A Rare 1959 BBC TV Interview

Derek Hart interviews Walt Disney in this rare 1959 Tonight interview. Walt talks about how Mickey Mouse got his voice and why Donald Duck is so angry. Walt shares stories of his early years of producing Nature Films.

Tonight was broadcast on BBC live on weekday evenings from 18 February 1957 to 18 June 1965.

The Making of Snow White

In this interview clip from 1938, Walt Disney talks about risking it all in the making of Snow White. He also talks about his creation of Mickey Mouse, the feature film Fantasia, and the art of making cartoons.

When asked about “Disney’s philosophy” for the film. Disney modestly replied, “All we are trying to do is give the public good entertainment”. Rather than simply “good entertainment”.

Released in December 1937, Snow White was a welcome distraction from the Great Depression and the global conflict the world was facing. One journalist labelled the movie a “tonic for disillusion”, and cast “Mr Disney” as “our foremost ambassador of good-will”.

Disney holds the record for the most Oscar nominations and awards.